Rob Lowe hosts an upcoming episode of “Informed” on Modular Home

Rob Lowe hosts an upcoming episode of “Informed” on Modular Homes

Host Rob Lowe leads viewers into the fascinating world of modular homes in an exciting upcoming segment of “Informed”. Industry experts will explore the styles, materials, and popularity of these homes across the United States. This brief documentary-style video will discredit the stigma against these low-cost homes, revealing the truth about why many Americans are choosing them over traditional home structures.

Modular homes are often misunderstood by the general population. Rather than being the mobile homes many believe they are, modular homes are actually pre-fabricated permanent constructions that are transferred to a build site and put together by a builder. All the materials for a modular home are taken care of in the factory, including painting, sanding, sizing, and fitting. As a result, modular (often called pre-fab) homes take only weeks to produce, as opposed to the months it can take to put up a traditional structure. The finished product is a home just as stationary as a traditional home at a much more affordable cost. In fact, modular homes tend to be just as valuable as traditional dwellings because like most permanent buildings, their value does not depreciate. Modular homes have a host of other benefits, from being completely customizable to having status as a green construction. With 75% of Americans worried about losing their homes over high mortgage and rental costs, the modular home is becoming an very attractive option on the housing market.