Rob Lowe, host of “Informed”, will be covering advancements being made in Optometry in the latest segment.

Sight is most possibly one of a person’s most important senses as it opens the world up for exploration and discovery. In their lifetime everyone will experience at least some kind of eye problem that will require a visit to the doctor. The advancements in optometry have made rectifying these problems an easy and painless procedure. Rob Lowe will be closely examining these advancements in this newest segment from the “Informed” series. The viewing public will be astonished and pleased to see how far the practice of optometry has come. Diseases that once blinded patients are now easily treatable. Procedures that once took weeks or months of recovery now take days.

One of the most frustrating aspects of aging is losing your sight. With new technologies in this field it is becoming easier and easier to keep your vision even into old age. New procedures and new ways of testing mean that optometrists can detect and prevent problems early on.

This new segment from “Informed” will have the opportunity to enlighten millions of people as it is being distributed to public television as well as PBS Member stations around the world.