Progress in Evidence Based Care and Solutions Are Shown On “Informed” With Rob Lowe

There have been revolutionary advances in the healthcare sector over the past decades. Better understanding of the various mechanisms causing diseases has led to the improvement of the ability to diagnose, treat, and prevent common afflictions. The innovations that underlie this progress continue advancing and accelerating change as medical interventions and new technologies offer new options for care as well as treatment.

Robe Lowe’sInformed” series highlights a range of issues in the US society. One of the episodes shows progress in evidence-based care and solutions.

Evidence-based medicine or care started in response to the limitations or challenges in both the understanding and the use of published evidence. Initially, the focus of evidence-based care was to educate clinicians to understand and effectively use published evidence to optimize clinical care. Part of the understanding involved the science of systematic reviews. As evidence-based medicine progressed, there was recognition of the limitations of using evidence alone. For this reason, there was need to emphasize on combining critical appraisals of the available evidence with the preferences and values of the patients through shared decision-making.

Evidence-based care has also progressed to incorporate and further develop the science of producing guidelines of clinical practice that are trustworthy. Some of the contributions of evidence-based care include using solid scientific interventions in the practice of medicine, recognizing the role of the patients’ preferences and values in clinical decision-making, and developing more sophisticated evidence hierarchies.