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August 31, 2017


Rob Lowe, host of the educational series “Informed”, will be examining the topic of Voice Recognition Software in the newest segment from the series.


Voice Recognition software is a ground-breaking software that enables anyone to enter text into a word processing program through the spoken word. Voice recognition software enables the user to type without ever having to actually touch the keyboard. Individuals who are blind now have the ability to communicate via text without having to worry about seeing the screen.

Voice recognition software started out rather primitive but has evolved into a system that can translate hundreds of languages. Modern voice recognition software has no problem translating hundreds of thousands of spoken words into text in real time. This software is perfect for those that suffer from diminished eyesight, carpal tunnel, or simply need to multi task as they create the document.

Voice recognition technology does much more than simply translate text; it can also open apps, send e-mails, as well as a myriad of other functions on the computer. Be sure to tune into this episode of “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, a production distributed to Public Television PBS Member stations if you’re someone who has a need for voice recognition technology.


August 25, 2017


“Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, will be focusing on Advanced Hiring Solutions in the newest episode from the series.


Employers in the 21st century have become hyper aware of the fact that the most successful businesses are the ones that make the smartest hiring decisions. With the world being so fast paced, businesses need motivated and highly trained employees to ensure their success. Locating the right employees requires a knowledge of where to look as well as an in-depth knowledge of the hiring process. Given that hiring decisions play such a crucial role in the success of a business, it is necessary for modern managers to be able and willing to change their hiring processes to match the changing dynamics of the business world.

This episode of “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, will present to the viewing audience expert insight into the modern day hiring process. Many young Americans are going into the workforce for the first time and are unsure of how to succeed in interviews and set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. Even for those veterans of the work place who are hunting for a new job, this episode will provide them with information on how things have changed in the modern-day business world. This educational series is provided to Public Television PBS Member stations nationwide.


August 16, 2017


The industry of Smart Lighting Panels is discussed in this episode of “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe.


Rob Lowe will be introducing to the American viewing public the myriad of ways in which Smart Lighting Panels contribute to personal energy savings as well as how they contribute to a greener world.

Homeowners can use smart lighting panels to ensure that lights aren’t left on when not needed and that more light is not used in the evening then is absolutely necessary. Using movement recognition technology, the smart lighting panels allow the occupants of the home to move about freely without worrying about turning the lights on and off themselves. Connecting the smart lighting panels to an app on a smartphone also allows homeowners to ensure lights are off when not home but turn on upon arrival. The focus of the smart lighting solutions is to ensure that no matter what the need of the homeowner, they will always have the perfect amount of light whilst still saving money and helping the environment.

“Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, is an independently produced show aired on Public Television stations that examines what modern society has developed to combat the problems that have harmed our environment since the industrial revolution.


August 10, 2017


The latest episode to come from the education series “Informed” features Rob Lowe taking viewers into the world of Diabetes Prevention and Care.

 One of the large focuses in the newest episode to come from the “Informed” series is a look into the newest drug commercials permeating television and internet advertisements. A new drug to treat Diabetes seems to be hitting the market on a daily basis. The drugs range from ways to mitigate the effects of the disease to being as healthy as you can whilst living with the disease. The scores of reputable sources introducing the newest treatment methods for diabetes are also accompanied by numerous home remedies that make claims that patients can forgo medical treatment if they take advantage of the homeopathic methods.

The most effective way to stay healthy is to learn how to prevent the disease in the first place. The majority of patients living with diabetes were given preventative steps to take by their physician but failed to put words into action. This latest episode will give viewers a truly in depth look into the countless lifestyle changes that can be made to prevent the onset of diabetes.

Even if you aren’t someone suffering from diabetes or caring for someone with the disease, tune into this important episode presented by “Informed” and hosted by Rob Lowe on PBS Member Stations via Public Television.


August 4, 2017


Rob Lowe, host of “Informed”, will be covering advancements being made in Optometry in the latest segment.

Sight is most possibly one of a person’s most important senses as it opens the world up for exploration and discovery. In their lifetime everyone will experience at least some kind of eye problem that will require a visit to the doctor. The advancements in optometry have made rectifying these problems an easy and painless procedure. Rob Lowe will be closely examining these advancements in this newest segment from the “Informed” series. The viewing public will be astonished and pleased to see how far the practice of optometry has come. Diseases that once blinded patients are now easily treatable. Procedures that once took weeks or months of recovery now take days.

One of the most frustrating aspects of aging is losing your sight. With new technologies in this field it is becoming easier and easier to keep your vision even into old age. New procedures and new ways of testing mean that optometrists can detect and prevent problems early on.

This new segment from “Informed” will have the opportunity to enlighten millions of people as it is being distributed to public television as well as PBS Member stations around the world.


June 8, 2017


Organic and Free-Range Beef is the topic on a new “Informed” program with Rob Lowe


“Informed,” the popular educational series hosted by Rob Lowe brings information on organic and free-range beef. Rob Lowe gained his popularity as an actor and takes time out to help educate and inform the public on important matters that impact lives. This week he explores the benefits of organic and free-range beef.

You may want to know that the difference between free range (grass fed) cattle and organically raised cattle means. There is a difference in diet, but the outcome is healthier beef with less fat, fewer calories, and more Omega 3’s. It also means there is no use of hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides during the cattle’s growth time.

Explore the benefits of eating organic or free-range beef, and reasons you may want to switch. One benefit is a better tasting meat. Cattle that are fed rations of mainly corn and grains in a feedlot to finish them as soon as possible can lead to bland tasting, fatty meat. The nutritional value increases with either of these types of beef. The organic and free-range approach to raising cattle is better for the animals, the world, and local communities.

Join Rob Lowe on “Informed” to explore organic and free-range beef’s differences and benefits this week. What the public eats is a growing concern, and an important topic brought to you by a series designed to educate and inform the public.


April 13, 2017


Rob Lowe hosts a new “Informed” piece on Back Pain


The popular star from numerous movies and television shows from the 1980s has decided to use his fame to discuss issues facing modern society on the public television series “Informed” with Rob Lowe. The show has discussed a wide range of topics that many people would find interesting or educational. One of the most recent episodes highlights back pain, one of the most common medical complaints in the healthcare community today.

While there has been a tremendous amount of advancement made in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous medical conditions, certain problems remain more common than others. Without a doubt, back pain is one of the most common reasons people visit the doctor. There are numerous reasons people might have back pain ranging from a slipped disc to direct trauma and everything in between. Treatment options range from medications to injections and even surgery. More importantly, back pain is one of the leading reasons of opioid and narcotic prescription. These are effective pain relievers but also highly addictive and can lead people to make poor decisions. There is a careful balance between treating this debilitating symptom and over-prescribing dangerous medications. All of these issues are discussed on the latest episode of “Informed” with Rob Lowe.

“Informed” with Rob Lowe is a popular public television series that is carefully reviewed to ensure it meets quality standards prior to being distributed to national partners for a wider broadcast. The show has received numerous awards and accolades in recognition of its work.


March 3, 2017

Workplace Production is highlighted on “Informed” with host Rob Lowe

Television and movie veteran Rob Lowe will host an upcoming episode of “Informed” that will focus on workplace production. Ever since mass production was invented, people have sought ways to make it more efficient. Today it may be too efficient at times, as fewer and fewer workers are needed. Just how this will be balanced will be the topic of this interesting program.

Especially in the last several years, we have seen drastic changes in the workplace. Just about every industry has been effected. With computers and other technology, more and more can be accomplished. Today, one person can do what it took a dozen people to do even 30-40 years ago. This creates a lot of problems in the culture, as better jobs are created but a lot of jobs also disappear. Experts in this field will be interviewed by Lowe to help us get an understanding of this complex issue. Production experts, as well as sociologists, might have interesting things to say on this issue as it relates to the modern workplace.

Lowe will host the program that is produced solely for public television and PBS Member stations around the country. This program, featuring Lowe with a team of writers, videographers and producers, has won awards for its high level of performance. The show is filmed using the best possible technology to achieve the highest quality standards. It is also carefully edited to make sure standards of professionalism are maintained throughout the program.


January 25, 2017

Rob Lowe hosts an upcoming episode of “Informed” on Modular Homes

Host Rob Lowe leads viewers into the fascinating world of modular homes in an exciting upcoming segment of “Informed”. Industry experts will explore the styles, materials, and popularity of these homes across the United States. This brief documentary-style video will discredit the stigma against these low-cost homes, revealing the truth about why many Americans are choosing them over traditional home structures.

Modular homes are often misunderstood by the general population. Rather than being the mobile homes many believe they are, modular homes are actually pre-fabricated permanent constructions that are transferred to a build site and put together by a builder. All the materials for a modular home are taken care of in the factory, including painting, sanding, sizing, and fitting. As a result, modular (often called pre-fab) homes take only weeks to produce, as opposed to the months it can take to put up a traditional structure. The finished product is a home just as stationary as a traditional home at a much more affordable cost. In fact, modular homes tend to be just as valuable as traditional dwellings because like most permanent buildings, their value does not depreciate. Modular homes have a host of other benefits, from being completely customizable to having status as a green construction. With 75% of Americans worried about losing their homes over high mortgage and rental costs, the modular home is becoming an very attractive option on the housing market.