Organic and Free-Range Beef is the topic on a new “Informed” program with Rob Lowe

“Informed,” the popular educational series hosted by Rob Lowe brings information on organic and free-range beef. Rob Lowe gained his popularity as an actor and takes time out to help educate and inform the public on important matters that impact lives. This week he explores the benefits of organic and free-range beef.

You may want to know that the difference between free range (grass fed) cattle and organically raised cattle means. There is a difference in diet, but the outcome is healthier beef with less fat, fewer calories, and more Omega 3’s. It also means there is no use of hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides during the cattle’s growth time.

Explore the benefits of eating organic or free-range beef, and reasons you may want to switch. One benefit is a better tasting meat. Cattle that are fed rations of mainly corn and grains in a feedlot to finish them as soon as possible can lead to bland tasting, fatty meat. The nutritional value increases with either of these types of beef. The organic and free-range approach to raising cattle is better for the animals, the world, and local communities.

Join Rob Lowe on “Informed” to explore organic and free-range beef’s differences and benefits this week. What the public eats is a growing concern, and an important topic brought to you by a series designed to educate and inform the public.