“Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, will be focusing on Advanced Hiring Solutions in the newest episode from the series.

Employers in the 21st century have become hyper aware of the fact that the most successful businesses are the ones that make the smartest hiring decisions. With the world being so fast paced, businesses need motivated and highly trained employees to ensure their success. Locating the right employees requires a knowledge of where to look as well as an in-depth knowledge of the hiring process. Given that hiring decisions play such a crucial role in the success of a business, it is necessary for modern managers to be able and willing to change their hiring processes to match the changing dynamics of the business world.

This episode of “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe, will present to the viewing audience expert insight into the modern day hiring process. Many young Americans are going into the workforce for the first time and are unsure of how to succeed in interviews and set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. Even for those veterans of the work place who are hunting for a new job, this episode will provide them with information on how things have changed in the modern-day business world. This educational series is provided to Public Television PBS Member stations nationwide.