Drones discussed on Informed with Rob Lowe airing on PBS

Drones discussed on Informed with Rob Lowe airing on PBS

With more and more individuals owning drones, at this point you may be embarrassed to even ask… “What is a drone?” “How does it work?” “What are the laws of flying one?” “How does one drone differentiate from another?” Thankfully, these questions and more will be answered in the latest series of “Informed” hosted by Rob Lowe. The docuseries is scheduled to air on PBS Member stations across America.

Long hair don’t care

Informed Mens Hair Care

Long hair don’t care… right? Not in all cases. Today’s segment of “Informed” will reveal the secrets behind men’s hair care products and how they are targeting a demographic of men that are seeking to keep their lengthy hair healthy while also not giving in to the mass marketed products to maintain their mane. This piece, hosted by Rob Lowe, will air on PBS Member stations nationwide in early 2018.

Transport Me To London, Baby, Yeah!

Back from London, the production crew for “Informed” gathered footage for an upcoming segment featuring the paradigm shift in public transportation and why more and more people are abandoning their vehicles for more eco-friendly transportation. The piece will be hosted by Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe, and will debut to PTV and PBS Member stations later this month.

Why You Should Travel to London

London 1

The production crew is arriving back in the studio today after gathering footage for an upcoming “Informed” segment on the capital of England, and why you should travel to London. The segment will be hosted by Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe and will air to PBS Member stations in the Fall.

Upcycling with an Aesthetic Twist

Waste not, want not. That is the topic of this week’s segment featured on “Informed” hosted by Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe. The show will document unique and strategic ways that producers are turning trash into treasure for consumers by recycling old goods and upcycling them with an aesthetic twist. The segment will be distributed to PBS Member stations this Winter.

Educational Programming for Kids

Informed, hosted by Rob Lowe, has recently begun development on educational programming for kids.  The series, distributed to PBS member stations throughout the U.S.,  will be informative as well as entertaining to keep kids engaged in learning.  PBS has recently launch a kids only streaming stick which will make viewing even more fun.



The Many Facets of Marine Biology

Big screen actor Rob Lowe, host of the educational series “Informed”, will be taking viewers into the world of Marine Biology in the series’ latest episode. This episode will dive into the many facets of Marine Biology including the impact modern human civilization is having on the creatures of the sea and the diminishing food supply the oceans can offer us. This episode will be distributed to Public Television PBS Member stations.

Top Rehab Facilities Throughout the U.S.

From Crisis to Recovery, the Informed Series with Rob Lowe has begun development on a new series for Public Television PBS member stations on addiction and treatment. The series will feature the top rehab facilities throughout the U.S.

What Companies Are Making Strides in Environmental Consciousness

The Informed production team is gearing up to produce a series on organizations throughout the country who have made significant strides in environmental consciousness.  The series will be distributed to Public Television PBS member stations.