Informed with Rob Lowe features stem cell growth to air on PBS

Informed with Rob Lowe features stem cell growth to air on PBS

Adult stem cell growth platforms are revolutionizing the growth of nearly every tissue in the human body. With a lower risk of rejection response, these FDA Approved orthopedic and cosmetic therapies result in fewer treatments. Join host Rob Lowe and “Informed” to learn more about the future of medicine and the newest advancements. “Informed” is distributed to public Television PBS Member Stations.

Rob Lowe hosts an “Informed” segment featuring the Dutch airing on PBS

Rob Lowe hosts an “Informed” segment featuring the Dutch airing on PBS

Immerse yourself in the history of the Dutch with “Informed” hosted by Emmy Award Winning actor, Rob Lowe. The segment will capture the true essence of the Netherlands and will break away from the standard, architectural norms. Created for PBS Member stations and PTV, this piece is scheduled to air nationwide this winter.

Insurance investigated on Informed with Rob Lowe airing on PBS

Insurance investigated on Informed with Rob Lowe airing on PBS

When searching for insurance, it is important to understand the many options available. The editing crew for “Informed” is wrapping up a segment this week that documents understanding the variety of life, health, home and car insurance options. The segment is scheduled to air later next month and will be hosted by Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe.

Drones discussed on Informed with Rob Lowe airing on PBS

Drones discussed on Informed with Rob Lowe airing on PBS

With more and more individuals owning drones, at this point you may be embarrassed to even ask… “What is a drone?” “How does it work?” “What are the laws of flying one?” “How does one drone differentiate from another?” Thankfully, these questions and more will be answered in the latest series of “Informed” hosted by Rob Lowe. The docuseries is scheduled to air on PBS Member stations across America.

Long hair don’t care

Informed Mens Hair Care

Long hair don’t care… right? Not in all cases. Today’s segment of “Informed” will reveal the secrets behind men’s hair care products and how they are targeting a demographic of men that are seeking to keep their lengthy hair healthy while also not giving in to the mass marketed products to maintain their mane. This piece, hosted by Rob Lowe, will air on PBS Member stations nationwide in early 2018.

Progress in Evidence Based Care and Solutions Are Shown On “Informed” With Rob Lowe

There have been revolutionary advances in the healthcare sector over the past decades. Better understanding of the various mechanisms causing diseases has led to the improvement of the ability to diagnose, treat, and prevent common afflictions. The innovations that underlie this progress continue advancing and accelerating change as medical interventions and new technologies offer new options for care as well as treatment.

Robe Lowe’sInformed” series highlights a range of issues in the US society. One of the episodes shows progress in evidence-based care and solutions.

Evidence-based medicine or care started in response to the limitations or challenges in both the understanding and the use of published evidence. Initially, the focus of evidence-based care was to educate clinicians to understand and effectively use published evidence to optimize clinical care. Part of the understanding involved the science of systematic reviews. As evidence-based medicine progressed, there was recognition of the limitations of using evidence alone. For this reason, there was need to emphasize on combining critical appraisals of the available evidence with the preferences and values of the patients through shared decision-making.

Evidence-based care has also progressed to incorporate and further develop the science of producing guidelines of clinical practice that are trustworthy. Some of the contributions of evidence-based care include using solid scientific interventions in the practice of medicine, recognizing the role of the patients’ preferences and values in clinical decision-making, and developing more sophisticated evidence hierarchies.

Transport Me To London, Baby, Yeah!

Back from London, the production crew for “Informed” gathered footage for an upcoming segment featuring the paradigm shift in public transportation and why more and more people are abandoning their vehicles for more eco-friendly transportation. The piece will be hosted by Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe, and will debut to PTV and PBS Member stations later this month.

Re-think luxury travel adventures in a new segment of “Informed” with Rob Lowe

Once in a while, many Americans go for a luxury travel adventure. Award-winning actor Rob Lowe will host a new episode of the series “Informed” on travel luxury adventures. Luxury travel adventures have become common in recent times.

With the pressures of life, many people take vacations and go on adventures to take a break from the hassles of the normal daily life. Travel agencies and businesses have luxury travel adventure packages that they offer to customers. Some people travel individually, as a couple and others in groups. Tune in to “Informed” with Rob Lowe to engage and learn about luxury travel adventures. You’ll also get a chance to ask any questions on luxury travel adventures.

Rob Lowe works with professional experts to provide educational content regarding various industries to public television. All episodes of “Informed” meet the standards for public television distribution and viewing. The show has received high ratings from viewers many admitting to being more informed after they started watching “Informed”.

Why You Should Travel to London

London 1

The production crew is arriving back in the studio today after gathering footage for an upcoming “Informed” segment on the capital of England, and why you should travel to London. The segment will be hosted by Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe and will air to PBS Member stations in the Fall.

Upcycling with an Aesthetic Twist

Waste not, want not. That is the topic of this week’s segment featured on “Informed” hosted by Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe. The show will document unique and strategic ways that producers are turning trash into treasure for consumers by recycling old goods and upcycling them with an aesthetic twist. The segment will be distributed to PBS Member stations this Winter.